Bob Beck, created a healing protocol that has the potential to eliminate ALL parasites, fungus, viruses, bacteria and infections from the blood of anyone that uses this protocol.

This protocol consists of four parts – the blood cleaner, colloidal silver, ozonated water, and a ‘magnetic pulser’.

The ‘blood cleaner’ is a device that Bob discovered and re-configured so that anyone could not only afford to use, but build themselves. He gave full and complete instructions on how to do so at every one of his lectures.

Colloidal silver is known to be the most powerful anti-biotic, anti-fungal and anti-septic known to man. Bob teaches you how to make it yourself here.

Ozonated water – is just another name for ‘highly oxygenated water’. Oxygen is well known to be “natures cleaner”. Parasites cant live in a highly oxygenated environment.

The magnetic pulser gets to the places that the ‘cleaner’ cant get. Your lymph nodes. This is where the parasite ‘mother’ and her eggs live.

Bob devised a very simple and beautiful system that enables anyone to take back their power, when it comes to their own health; and the health of their family and friends.

If you would like to learn how to build your own device, or to learn more about the protocol, please click this link. If you would like to purchase a device, please visit our store.

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